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Cat furniture protector that actually works

Starting at just $9

CouchGuard furniture protector from scratch on sofa with a cat

Meet CouchGuard™ 🐾

The brand new self-adhesive furniture protector from cat scratching hand made of soft premium fabric by three-kitten mom

Available in light and dark colors

Applied to wherever your cat scratches


Stays at its place
as long as you need it to

Leaves NO residue

Made of professional temporary adhesives that can be neatly removed

Causes NO damage

Tested on different types of fabric, leather and wood

CouchGuard in action saves sofa
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Made for Cats, designed for Humans

Soft puncture resistant fabric

With no chance for cats to scratch it - as there’s nothing to hook up to! So it makes a purrfect match: nice to feel and touch for humans and completely useless for cats

Non-toxic temporary adhesive

That is strong enough to stick to every surface, leaves no residue and doesn't damage fabric, leather or wood

CouchGuard_dark_sofa corner

A GIF is worth a thousand words

Meet the CouchGuard: thick and flexible scratch deterrent fabric + how-to guide

It’s long enough to cover the arm (15,8‘/40cm), wide enough to fit the base of your sofa (7,8”/20cm

CouchGuard show
CouchGuard easily applied

Remove the protection layer and apply the Guard wherever needed. No, it won’t fall. And yes, it’s just so easy! 

Press it and smooth it out for better adhesion.

CouchGuard will train your cats to avoid scratching sofa corners or edges or any other area that’s covered.

Don’t forget to provide your cat with enough scratching posts to switch to!

Cats play with sofa
CouchGuard safely removed from sofa

Remove protection sheets just as easily when your cat no longer wants to scratch the couch.

No leftovers, no damage. 

By the way, CouchGuard is strong enough to withstand puncture with sharp scissors. So there’s no way for your cat to tear it!

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How to install CouchGuard
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Any questions left?

You can find some of them answered below or ask us directly. We’re ready to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping and Returns

It takes 1-2 business days to process the order and then 8-10 business days to ship it. Please note that this is estimated shipping time. It can take longer to ship your order due to custom clearance delays or COVID-19 issues. You can find more details at our Shipping policy page.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Please contact us at to start the return process. You can find more details at our Returns and Refunds policy page.

Product Details

Yes you can apply it to walls covered with wallpaper. However, we don’t recommend using CouchGuard on painted walls.

Sure! CouchGuard is not slippery and feels as soft as carpet itself. We recommend cleaning the carpet before applying CouchGuard for better adhesion.

Yes. We’ve designed it that way it can cover any sofa’s arm (length 15,8”/40cm), but still fit narrower places such as sofa’s base (width 7,8”/20cm). You can combine multiple Guards together to cover larger areas or cut it with strong scissors to make it smaller.

No, it does not. We’ve chosen the safest adhesive available on the market. However, if you nonetheless notice any leftovers, they can be easily removed with soap and sponge.

CouchGuard can stick to any surface, but if it isn’t working for you for any reason, please take photos/videos and contact us at We’ll find the solution or return you money.

Common cats surely can’t! Maybe a tiger can 🐅 CouchGuard has a thick vinyl base and its top is made of non-woven fabric. It means that cats can’t pull strands off it. That’s why they don’t like it and don’t scratch it AND your furniture will be safe underneath it!